Vision and Values

POPS believe that families of offenders should be recognised as valuable contributors to the offender journey and should not experience discrimination as a result of their relative’s involvement in the criminal justice system. We strive to banish the ‘guilty by association’ label that so many family members experience by working with our partners in the Criminal Justice System and community agencies to promote the role of the family and build awareness of the issues they face. POPS also strive to eradicate stigma, which is one of the most debilitating feelings that can ‘habour’ within a person, family or community.   Stigma is the reason offenders’ families, offenders and their children find it hard to speak up and seek help.  Stigma has many repercussions, resulting in limited work opportunities, exclusion from social circles, loss of self-esteem and confidence, risk of judgment from others and decreased motivation. We value diversity and promote inclusivity across the services we provide, responding to the needs of service users and promoting equality irrespective of circumstances, gender, age, race, marital status, pregnancy, sexual reassignment, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs or disability. We believe families can be the answer to their own problems and support families to identify their individual issues and develop solutions. We believe that families should be able to access appropriate and timely support at every stage of the Criminal Justice System and as such our services are built around a ‘Continuum of Care‘. POPS believes in the importance of open and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders. Our status as a registered charity makes us accountable to the Charity Commission and we are also accredited by Investors in People. POPS values underpin everything we do:


POPS Original Mission

‘We aim to provide a variety of services to support anyone who has a link with someone in prison, prisoners and other agencies. POPS provides assistance to these groups for the purpose of enabling them to cope with the stress of arrest, sentence, imprisonment and release.’  

POPS Values

To speak up on behalf of those who have no “voice”;  To value the “lived experience” of those we work with;  To challenge discrimination whenever we come across it; To instil a “good housekeeping” ethos in relation to all financial transactions; To continuously work towards providing the best service we can do all stakeholders; To be brave and passionate… it helps!!