IMG_3045POPS provide a range of workshops designed to raise awareness about the issues that face families, explore the impact of parental offending, promote effective inter-agency working and improve service delivery. Families with lived experience of the criminal justice system are involved in the development and delivery of our training programme ensuring their experiences are accurately and sensitively communicated. We have also written and delivered training for offenders with the aim of improving self-esteem, communication and relationships. POPS training offer includes the following workshops/training courses:

Hidden Sentence, half day/full day

This training, originally developed by Action for Prisoners and Offenders Families, is for all professionals who work with children, families and offenders. The course provides a clear overview of the offender’s journey, its impact on the family from arrest to release, and provides a range of strategies and resources to help you support them. It is suitable for any professionals working in the community and prison setting who work with offenders’ and prisoners’ families in any type of support role.

Intuition in partnership with Magistra Ltd

The ‘Intuition’ programme advocates the benefits of women building confidence to use their own intuition, by developing the skills that will enable her to listen to it. The programme involves 6 x 2.5-hour CORE sessions, which focus on the societal, cultural, and personal expectations that can cause problems and get in the way of listening to our intuitive self.  The CORE sessions are designed to empower women to “trust in themselves”, by highlighting and challenging the thoughts and feelings that block this; and examining their personal strengths that can assist them to make positive life choices. The Programme can be delivered as a stand alone programme, or alongside Intuitive Relationships.

Connect in partnership with Magistra Ltd

The ‘CONNECT’ programme explores the impact of prison on intimate and family relationships. It focuses on how families can restore, build and maintain healthy relationships.  It consists of a separate family and prisoner induction session, followed by six joint sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, that focus on supporting families throughout the custodial period, by developing restorative communication skills; emotional recognition; and empathy building, encouraging families to stay connected and prepare for life after prison.

Understanding the Needs of Children and Families Affected by Parental Offending, 2 hours

This workshop has been delivered to over 3500 professionals by the national i-HOP service and has received universally positive feedback. It provides a valuable introduction for all professionals as to why we need to be aware of children affected by parental offending, includes films made by parents and young people talking about their own experiences and signposts to available resources.

Danielle Upton3Creating a service that meets the needs of children of offenders: using the i-HOP Quality Statements and Toolkit, 2 hours

This workshop is targeted at whole service teams, managers or strategic level senior staff. Using the i-HOP Quality Statements and Toolkit it supports agencies to review their own practice and develop an action plan to ensure that they are meeting the needs of children and families affected by parental offending. This workshop was developed by the i-HOP project (delivered by Barnardo’s and POPS 2013-2016).

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