Support for Children

Popsicle IntroPOPS is committed to placing families at the heart of the offender journey through the Criminal Justice System. An important part of this is to make the experience of young children less traumatic when visiting a prison. With this in mind POPS has commissioned a friendly helper to guide children through their visit to a prison.

Meet POPSICLE, the POPS Penguin!


POPSICLE 2POPSICLE’s purpose is to make the journey from the Visitor Centre into the Prison more child friendly.  Young children can focus on images of POPSICLE from point of entry into the prison by following the webbed feet on the floor and POPSICLE images on the walls. In doing so the aim is to reduce any anxiety they might be experiencing due to the environment and to put them at ease with the security procedures they will be subject to.

As well as POPSICLE guiding the way, young children can take part in various activities linked to the mascot that is POPSICLE the POPS penguin!

POPSICLE can now be found at HMP Liverpool, HMP Lancaster Farms, HMP Hindley and HMP Garth.