Sex in Prisons

In England and Wales, there has been minimal research into consensual and coercive sex in prison. In order to begin to address this knowledge gap, the Howard League for Penal Reform established an independent Commission on Sex in Prison to undertake the first ever review of sex in prisons. Over two years, the Commission received written and oral evidence from voluntary and statutory agencies, prison staff, and serving and former prisoners on all aspects of sexual activity in prison and the healthy sexual development of children. One of the questions POPS was asked to consider is the role of conjugal visits for couples (not currently permitted in England and Wales). POPS CEO, Diane Curry OBE, was asked to present on this topic by the Commission at a seminar entitled ‘Maintaining Relationships between prisoners and their partners’. The presentation was informed by the opinions of prisoners’ families surveyed by POPS prior to the seminar.

Find out what they had to say by downloading the presentation here.

For further information concerning the Commission on Sex in Prisons and to read their reports visit the Howard League website.