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Prisoners Wives Series 2

‘Behind every prisoner, there’s a wife, girlfriend or mother doing time on the outside. For some it’s a nightmare, for others a liberation. Prisoners’ Wives – it’s time to tell their stories.’ BBC One

The much anticipated second series of Prisoners Wives arrives on our screens next week and POPS are back on the BBC Breakfast sofa tomorrow, Friday 8th March, to talk about the role real families played in the development of the show.

Back in 2010, fifteen family members were supported by POPS to contribute to the development of the original script, sharing their experiences with the writers and visiting the set to meet the cast, following an approach by Tiger Aspect Productions to act as consultants for the drama.

The critically acclaimed BBC drama explores the distinct but interwoven stories of four different women affected by the imprisonment of a loved one. The four part series includes performances from Pippa Haywood and Polly Walker who reprise their roles as Harriet and Francesca alongside new cast members Karla Crome (Misfits) and Sally Carman (Shameless).

We hope that the second series of Prisoners’ Wives will continue to raise awareness around the impact of imprisonment upon families, combatting stereotypes and improving public understanding of the isolation, confusion and distress that many families experience.

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