HMP Kirkham

Facebook page for POPS at HMP Buckley HallAt this difficult time, information concerning visits is often subject to rapid changes which may not be reflected here. Please visit POPS’ Facebook page for HMP Kirkham for all the latest information and updates.

093At Kirkham we understand the distress and disruption a prison sentence can have on a family unit and know the importance and difference maintaining family ties can have during this difficult period in your lives. Through POPS’ Visitor Centre families can access advice and support for all visitors on a range of issues. We also offer one to one support at times to suit families, please ask for more information.

We host Family Days, giving offenders’ families, offenders and their children the opportunity to participate in activities. Please ask one of the POPS’ Visitor Centre staff for further information.

Family Forums are also available for families to get involved in, allowing families the opportunity to express any concerns that they may have. Your views and ideas are important to us.

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Useful documents

Before your visit make sure you download and read the following documents:

Important Contact Information

Visitor Centre:                   01772  675 452
Prison Switchboard:         01772 675 400

POPS’ Family Lead:

Visiting Times

No visits
No visits
No visits
No visits
13:00 – 15:45
13:00 – 15.45
13:00 – 15.45

Financial Assistance with Visiting

If you qualify to receive help with your finances such as benefits, you may be able to recoup all or part of the cost of your travel expenses.

Last updated 24/11/21.