Relationship Link Workers (ACHIEVE)



POPS’ Relationship Link Workers offer practical and emotional support to families with a loved one in custody. POPS’ Relationship Link Workers provide seamless access to family-based support from the point of entry into custody through to release and resettlement. Placing the needs of offenders and their families at the centre, POPS’ Relationship Link Workers provide the conduit for a multi-agency approach to support, addressing the needs of families in order to minimise the negative impact of a custodial sentence on family outcomes. By supporting positive family ties throughout the custodial sentence the role also facilitates more positive reintegration and rehabilitation for the offender upon release.

POPS’ Relationship Link Workers are able to provide advice and support on a range of issues, including:

  • Maintaining family contact
  • Providing families with advice on prison visits
  • Preparing for release
  • General advice advocacy & support
  • Liaison with partner, statutory services and HMP
  • Transitional support on transfers

POPS’ Relationship Link Workers at HMP Risley, HMP Wymott and HMP Garth form part of the CFO3 contract, a social inclusion project delivered by Achieve North West Connect and funded by the European Social Fund.

For appointments or enquiries please contact:

HMP Risley
Sally 07943 845 551

HMP Wymott/HMP Garth
Diane 07471 037 207