Families On Release (Greater Manchester)

Families on release project. A man and a woman drinking coffee.

POPS works with our partners to place family support as an integral part of an offender’s journey through the Criminal Justice System.

This includes at the point of release, a time when families and their loved ones can feel particularly vulnerable. POPS provides support for families of prisoners returning from any prison to the Greater Manchester area. This support package lasts up to 8 weeks and compliments the through-the-gate support provided to the prisoner by probation.

Funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Families On Release (FOR) project accepts referrals from Greater Manchester and Cheshire Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), NPS and the Youth Justice Service.

POPS’ team of Community Family Support Workers work with the families identified to provide support, advice and guidance around:

  • Licence conditions;
  • Child concern/Child in Need cases requiring support;
  • Housing, tenancy, arrears, eviction;
  • Finance, debts, benefits;
  • Health and self-care;
  • Resilience;
  • Emotional well-being, constructive use of time, link to groups/networks.

For more information call POPS’ Head Office on 0161 702 1000.

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